ã’lchèmy (-k-) n. The word Alchemy is derrived from Al-Kymia, Arabic for Chemistry, which in turn is derived from Kyme (Egypt), the black land. Alchemy is an esoteric art and science that had unmistakably originated in Egypt as it is etymologically evident from Kyme.

Founded in 1997 by Karim Mekhtigian, Alchemy Design Studio started out as an interior and product design office. A few years later Mekhtigian met with Mohamed Fares who later became his business partners.
Since then the company expanded its scope of work into different types of interior projects ranging from residential to commercial and corporate.

In 2003, Alchemy opened its first showroom, giving the local market a glimpse of the company’s furniture design approach. Then a few years later in 2008, Alchemy Design Studio added Branding & Design Management and Retail Management to its service portfolio, allowing it to offer comprehensive design solutions.
The year 2010 marked the official launch of the company’s exclusive furniture brand “Alchemy Cairo” as well as the opening of the biggest “Alchemy Showroom” at the Designopolis retail compound.

In 2012, due to the rise of political unrest, the Designopolis showroom and the brand Alchemy Cairo had to be closed down and the representations of the international brands (Boffi, Kartell, Oluce etc.) had to be relinquished custom writing services. Since then, Alchemy has been focusing on architectural and interior design projects residences, compounds, sites, office and commercial spaces.